What's worth your worry

The Top 5 Things Buyers Worry about... that they shouldn't

Going on showings and shopping for a new home is very exciting, however it can be filled with anxiety and questions as well. For as many questions as you may have there are certain things that don’t warrant as much of your attention.

In my opinion there are five things that might divert your attention from the perfect home, that you shouldn’t waste too much time on thinking about.

5 Things Buyers Shouldn't Worry About

  1. POOR LISTING PHOTOS & MARKETING: Just book the showing, if it hits all your major criteria seeing it in person is best
  2. UNKEPT LANDSCAPING, OVER GROWN BUSHES AND WEEDS: These are easy fixes and a chance for you to get creative with your outdoor space
  3. COSMETIC DAMAGE: Such as scuff marks on walls/doors/and trim and warn deck stain, the fastest and cheapest way to update the whole house is a can of paint and some cleaner where needed.
  4. OUTDATED FIXTURES : Lights and faucets are an easy and quick swap and can be very cost effective and really update the look and feel of the space.
  5. WALL COLOUR & TILE CHOICE: Outdated colours, wallpaper and even flooring can all be changed and there are many materials that exist now that are modern and super cost effective

Homes that have already been updated tend to sell for more because someone has already done the work. This is a chance to choose the style you like, and make the home your own.

focus on these instead

1. Square footage
2. Number of beds and baths
3. Size of lot
4. Location
5. And layout

Ask your agent to show you how much the area has appreciated in value over the past 5-10 years to give you an idea as to how much you will earn on your investment over time. Especially with any newer upgrades and maintenance.

With these tips in mind, happy shopping!

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