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There are many things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect home. It can be confusing, it can even be daunting. Happily, the reality is simple. All you need to do is to dream of the perfect place and describe this dream to me. Together we will work out the details. You may have to compromise and there might be some give and take, but I have seen it time and time again, when the perfect house just clicks. Suddenly the little things are little and not as important any more, what becomes top of mind is securing the property. 

Here’s what they had to say…

“Thank you for your confidence and knowledge to get it done!! We were so happy to work with you, it was fast, and efficient! We appreciate your honesty with whatever questions we had and your down to earth personality made it so easy to work with you!”

– 9366 Silver St.  (seller)

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Get Pre-Approved

You'll want to get this process started asap, as getting pre-approved for financing is essential.


Let's get into the details and discuss budget, timelines and what is important to have in a home.

Let's Go Shopping

I'll take note of your requirements and start searching for properties that fit the bill! Your new neighbourhood is just as important as your home. Look at schools, recreation and shopping amenities, & whatever else is important to your lifestyle.


I'll draw up an offer and negotiate on your behalf. The offer may included conditions, fulfilling condition and there must be a focus on the right closing date.

Close the Sale & Move In

Arrange a closing date and sign the paperwork! Once that is complete, plan for your moving day. You did it! Welcome to your new home!

Must-Have Guide!

Buying a home can be overwhelming

Here is a helpful tool I created just for you. I use this when working to guide my clients through the purchasing process. 

How I help you…

What makes working with me different?

Set Up a No Obligation
property Search

I can help you find what you are looking for! Let me set you up on a search so you can receive the most current updated properties.

Have you ever found a home on a public site, called an agent to view it, and it was sold! That’s because 3rd party sites that feed off the MLS are sometimes not updated. I will set you up on a search that comes DIRECTLY from the MLS! You can see what has sold and for how much and what is currently available, all tailored to your specific criteria! This search communicates with me directly you can “heart” and leave me comments in your portal as well!

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About Buying Real Estate

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Got Questions?

About Buying Real Estate in Ontario?

The short answer is yes it can. Depending on a few different factors. The first is the state of the market, this fluctuates over time. If the property is in disrepair, if the property has become stigmatized, if there has been a fire, flood or other major event that could have damaged the integrity of the property.

This one depends on the area, the style and size, and of course, how well it has been maintained and updated. Some buyers prefer homes with historical significance and some don’t. If the home is in a very desirable area, then I would say area wins over age in some cases.

From the website, when you buy land or an interest in land in Ontario, you pay land transfer tax. First-time homebuyers of an eligible home may be eligible for a refund of all or part of the tax.

Typically, a lawyer will ask for mortgage instructions soon after a property is sold firm, or when they are done pulling title. The financial institution being used will send the loan instructions to the lawyer who will use this to transfer funds on day of closing. 

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