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When it’s time to sell your home, we’ve got you, every single little step of the way. We are here to take all the burden off your shoulders and complete each stage efficiently and fluidly to ensure each detail is right. 

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“Daniela has been super knowledgeable, professional and awesome to work with. She made our experience smooth and easy. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing service.”

– 74 Bloom (seller)

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Set The Price & Sign Up

Make repairs and updates and give your home a thorough cleaning so it shows well. We will review comparable listings together and arrive at a price you feel comfortable with. 

Staging & Photography

Staging your home may be necessary to get you the largest return. We'll walk you through everything! Our photographer will make your home look its best!


Creating the right content for your home, and targeting the right audience of buyers, is what each marketing plan for each listing consists of.

MLS & Showings

This is often the hardest part as your home has to remain presentable and in tip top shape every day.

Offers & Closing

We will negotiate on your behalf and review all offers with you. Agree up on a closing date, and when the day comes hand over the keys! It's sold!

Must-Have Guide!

Selling can be quick the laborious task

I made this just for you, and I use this tool to guide us through some very important conversations that will insure a smooth sale.

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Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

If you need to know what your home is worth in the current market, by filling out your information to the right, I will contact you directly to set up a meeting.

Getting a fair valuation, with current market data, neighbourhood data, and market stats, along with my personal experience and what I am currently seeing in the market as far as how long it’s taking homes to sell and what types of offers we are seeing, will help you piece together the most accurate picture of what you can expect during your sale.

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About Selling Real Estate

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About Selling Real Estate in Ontario?

This is, of course, unknown until the house is listed and offers are being received. However, the best way to position yourself for the best opportunities is to always price the home appropriately and make sure the home is shown in it’s best light. The photos, videos and marketing need to be professional and well managed. As well as effective marketing efforts should be made to enhance the exposure of the listing.

A flood, fire or any other material defects the home has endured while under your ownership should be disclosed as well as the remediation taken to rectify these events. Professional records, such as receipts and bills of service can be added to the listing so buyers are aware.

The word “Agent” is really a slang term. The proper phrase is “Real Estate Salesperson,” or “REALTOR®” Salespeople who have taken extra education can be designated as “Broker.” A Real Estate Broker, can also becoming a Broker of Record (or BOR) for their Brokerage Sales Office. A Brokerage is the name brand office that holds the trust account and is what sales are made under. Each “Agent” represents the Brokerage they are a part of during a sale. So, in the eyes of the government I am not “Daniela Biagi, Broker” I am seen as eXp Realty. 

This is a conversation I have more often than people may think. Why is that? Well the term “haunted” means many things to many people and is not a general phrase. I did a whole video on disclosing on my YouTube Channel.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

Typically you don’t have to pay this tax on your personal home sale. The only time you are required to pay capital gains is if you sell as asset at a profit. The exception here is the principal residence exemption.

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