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Your desired result is out there, and closer than you think.  I can ensure you feel empowered to realistically consider every opportunity. 

Let's be Honest

You're here to make sure your needs are heard and met

This is about you and your future, and the environment in which you are going to live your best life! With the right knowledge and an intuitive understanding of what best home fits your lifestyle, you can enjoy a seamless process that gets your into that feel good home you’ve been thinking of.

good vibrations...

Your Home & Your energy aligned

In order for you to live the best version of your life, so many criteria must be considered and aligned. From my signature sales system, to the spiritual, I’m not here to just to sell you a house, I’m here to find you the right home. The one that is meant for you! As an intuitive, I can read the energy of a space, and make sure it is in alignment with you and your family’s energy. 

Anticipating roadblocks 

“Daniela has been super knowledgeable, professional and awesome to work with. She made our experience smooth and easy. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing service. A seamless experience.”

‒ Seller

What's needed

Making the decision that suits you best.

My job is to insure you are not only equipped with the correct knowledge to be empowered and to navigate this journey.

Making sure you have all the information you need to make empowered decisions is my priority.

With extensive high volume negotiation experience I will apply my skills to help give you the best opportunities.

Not every situation goes as planed but with a WIN-WIN mindset and creative outlook success is always possible.

Steal This !

Here is a quick look at working with me

Curious as to what makes me different? When you can throw a stone in any direction and hit a Realtor®, it’s the nuances and small things that count. 

When it’s time…

Here are the ways we can work together

Whether you are navigating a journey towards your first home, your next home, or your investments, I have a map that will get you there. Here’s to the next ADVENTURE!


I know this can be challenging, but with the right knowledge & vibe of your new home, I will help you make a decision you can’t wait to move into.


I have answers to questions you may not even know to ask! Not to worry it's my job to walk you through the process beginning to end, with as much clarity as possible.


Make your dream a reality! Creating a new custom home and bringing it to life allows you a level of connection to your space. Even the smallest detail can hold great meaning.

hey there...

I'm Daniela,

It’s important to know you are in good hands. Let me put you at ease with a snapshot of my career: 160 homes sold and counting, 7 years in the business, Masters Degree, Professional Design Experience, Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Energetic Home Healer!

I’m a REALTOR® Broker & Entrepreneur, I used to be a teacher and am OCT certified, and I have professional interior design experience.

Let me show you around...

explore neighbourhoods

As an Ontario licenced Realtor® I am able to trade in all of Ontario and often help clients outside of these areas, but of course work the most in the areas that I live and grew up in! Thinking of making a move to any of these areas? Amazing! There is so much to love and explore in all of these areas, so take a look!

Learn more...

Check Out My Blog

Learn about buying, selling & renting real estate in Niagara, Hamilton and all over Southern Ontario.

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