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Niagara On The Lake

One of Niagara’s most popular tourist destinations and one that the locals enjoy as well, Historic Old Town Niagara on the Lake brings small town charm to new heights. It’s beautiful and quaint store fronts, mixed with top of the line hotels and 5 start food and service makes for wonderful dinners and sunny afternoon walks, or just to cosy up on a patio or cafe with a friend. There are many areas to live in within this city that are a stones throw away from a carriage ride, or exquisite winery. 

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Location of Niagara On The Lake

If the homes right in the heart of Historic Old Town are a bit of the high side (yet worth every penny if you as me) there are dozens of areas to live in that are still considered Niagara on the Lake, and you are still only a quick ride to any of the wineries and restaurants. 

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Reason 1

The first thing I have to mention is of course Historic Old Town, I mean why go on vacation when you live next to this type of luxury? Carriage rides, 5 star hotels, 5 star restaurants, boutiques, shops, cafes, bars, golf… should I go on? Yes! I will… 

Reason 1

As you may expect is can be busy as many people come to enjoy this area, more so in the warmer months, and less busy in the Winter months. Even through they have great stuff in the winder as well!

Reason 2

All the wineries through out Niagara are at your finger tips. I’m not a big drinker but I go for the 5 start food and glorious views. Also, you have the theaters! The Shaw has plays all year long!

Reason 2

You are about 20 minutes to your big box stores and bigger groceries stores.

Reason 3

Location, location, location. You can big cities like Niagara Falls and St. Catharines next door when you need big box stores and of course the major highways that are super close. 

Reason 3

Parking is not free unless you find a spot on a side street but often they are taken up.

Reason 4

Spas! My favourite spas are all in this glorious town. I love White Oaks Spa (my go to) and treat myself to 124 Queen as the spa is beautiful and they have a Hydro circuit of hot and cold treatments to relax in and order food if you like.

Reason 4

The closer you get to the lake the most expensive the homes are, and they can really get up there!

Reason 5

This is one of my favourite reasons (next to the food and spas) It’s known as the MOST haunted place in all of Canada, you can even go on Ghost tours to learn about the different hauntings and where it’s still haunted today.

Reason 5

If you don’t like gelato, skip this one!

Home Styles In Niagara On The Lake

You can find a range of high end luxury homes, century homes, new builds, and typical subdivisions with single detached homes and towns.


Single Detached

Single detached homes can be found throughout woven within all the neighbourhood, and I would say this is the most popular style in this area.


waterfront properties

Water front properties are next on the list and fall within that luxury home price point.


new builds

There are many new subdivisions being built in and around this area, which more predominately single family detached homes. Custom New Builds are a great way to create the home of your dreams. Our Company Parkside Custom Homes can help you build this dream.


Be sure to check which schools are within the catchment you are looking to live in.

Places of Interest

There is something to do year round in the beautiful town.

Tours and tastings can be done at a vast array of different wineries which are found through out the area. Some of my favourite wineries included Two Sisters, Pellar Estates, Gretzky’s and Trius.

Enjoy wine tours, bus tours, full day tours, city tours, bicycle tours, beer & brewery tours.

There are a few really cool Ghost tours but my favourite is the Ghost Walk of Niagara on the Lake.

There are soo many but my top two are Pillar and Post Spa, if you go for a massage or treatment you have access to all the spa amenities all day. 

124 Queen is a brand new hotel and spa that has my whole heart. You can enjoy various spa treatments and they have a Hydra Circuit of hot and cold where you can have a hot sauna or steam then just in a cool pool, lounge by the water and order a drink or snack. It’s a really great place to take a break and relax.

The Shaw Festival provided year round entertainment and a wonderful place to enjoy a show. Various art galleries are scattered throughout and host local artists, and on that note, who can forget Trisha Romances actual House a few steps off the main drag toward the water.

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