here are my 5 tips as to

What Not to do when selling your home

Selling can be a challenge and sometimes it feels like there is a tone of guess work. I have created a few videos on what my personal advice would be and key things to remember when selling. This blog will continue to post advice I have culminated as a REALTOR® but you can find almost 100 videos on my YouTube Channel. Just click the link to go there now.

5 things to avoid:

    Not only will this insure that you will present the property to the right buyer pool but also insure you get the most for your sale. When a property is overpriced, it leaves room for heavy negotiations. The buyer client is viewing all the same sales in the area that we do. And in this case the buyers will come in very low with the hopes that eventually the price will land somewhere in the middle between the first offer and your list price, which results in what is perceived to be fair market value. Sellers are always better off negotiating the price in the fair market value area, as that allows the best opportunity for negotiating the price up, not down, in the event more than one buyer sees a great home at a fair price and they bring their offers too! Giving the seller a multiple offer scenario. Sit with your agent and go through all the data and price the home as close to market value as you can predict.
    Small fixes, paint touch ups, a few light bulbs. Get it all done! The property just won’t show at its best. We want this home to shine! Keep in mind Curb Appeal!  Please remember to tidy around the house, clean, trim, no dead plants, no off season decor, hide bins, touch up chipped paint, etc.
    Streamlined, as minimal as possible, it should feel empty to you. This includes religious or personal items. Hide these for photos and showings.
    This makes buyers uncomfortable and they may not feel free to move around the home as they would without the seller present. They won’t be able to speak freely to their agent and they might feel rushed to leave and miss looking at things they wanted to see. This also opens up the possibility that they may take the opportunity to ask the seller questions that are best left to the agents to discuss. For example, I have had buyer clients ask my sellers “What do you want as far as price?” This just opens up a can of worms. If you (The Seller)  run into the buyer agent and their clients in passing as they are leaving and you are returning, and they happen to strike up a conversation, always divert the questions to your agent.
    This includes, Lawyer fees, land transfer tax if you’re purchasing, movers, moving trucks, professional cleaning if needed at both the home you are selling and the home you are moving into, storage units, moving day food for helpers, any additional insurance costs, admin fees when setting up your utilities, differences in future property tax payments you may not be used to paying and must be accounted for, etc.


There is so much information out there about how to sell your home and it can be overwhelming. My best advice is to have a conversation with an agent who you trustᅠ and who has lots of experience selling in many different types of markets. Avoid talking to your friend, your cousin, your neighbour, who have only sold a couple of homes in their whole lives, and most likely not during the market you are in.

Take a look at my SELLING SYSTEM if you need to start down the selling path and would like to work with me. This is a brief look into what I offer. For a more in depth conversation as to what I offer and what your specific selling situation needs look like, a value on your home or data on your neighbourhood, simply contact me via my CONTACT page.

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